Meeting Votes

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A simple and affordable on-line voting platform.


  • Fully manage the voting process yourself.
  • Add as many topics and elections as you need.
  • Add voters one-by-one or all at once with a CSV file.
  • Send invitations to all voters with their access credentials.
  • Two Factor Authentication for extra secure logins.
  • Hold a roll call if needed.
  • Decide when to start and end the voting on a topic.
  • Download voting reports for your lawyer.
  • Downloadable and verifiable voting proof for your voters.

Contact us for a detailed demo or additional information.



A one year subscription: €1.850

IWGA members get a 30% discount.

The subscription includes:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Up to 100 voters
  • A template with your company logo and colour scheme
  • Subdomain on

Additional features (on request):

  • Extra customization of colour scheme or results slides.
  • Support during the voting process.
  • Training sessions with your staff and/or members.
  • Additional languages.